Maintain Worker Motivation: Good Communication Can Help!

Keeping your workers motivated is essential for your business. To make that happen, you need to focus on good communication with them.

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Maintaining worker motivation is critical for your business. With as many as 85% of employees feeling disengaged at work (and 81% considering leaving their jobs, as record high numbers of people move on to new positions), keeping employees motivated, connected, and engaged is more difficult--and more critical--than ever before. 

If you're struggling with worker motivation, communication could be the magic bullet in your arsenal: the critical tool that will help reshape the way your employees interact with the workplace as a whole. 

1. Good communication helps create relationships.

Employees need to feel as though they are valued members of your organization. Not only does communication and connection help employees feel happier overall, which can raise engagement rates naturally, it may help improve overall productivity. When you have a strong relationship with your employees, they want to perform well. They want to meet their goals. They want to show you what they can do.

Communication is the first tool in that relationship. With an open door to communication, employees are better able to connect with you, both on a personal level and a professional one, which can encourage them to push to higher levels of achievement. 

2. Good communication helps employees know exactly what is expected of them.

Employees need clear expectations for what they are expected to accomplish, especially if you have specific tasks and goals for them. It's hard for employees to feel motivated when they don't know what they're supposed to do next--or how they're supposed to do it. Good communication tools, however, can help clear up the confusion and make sure everyone is on the same page. That includes:

  • Clear documentation on how to complete specific processes or take care of client needs
  • Fast answers to questions when employees have them
  • To Do lists that outline all of those factors

Pronto can streamline those lines of communication so that employees know what is expected of them and when they're expected to accomplish those goals. 

3. Open lines of communication can help address issues faster.

When there's a problem, employees may be more focused on the issue than they are on the other tasks they need to complete throughout the day. Suppose, for example, that an employee has encountered a roadblock. He may chafe at the block and wonder how he will overcome it or what he needs to do next. Has someone come up with a solution? Is there anything he can do to speed up this process? Meanwhile, he may feel unmotivated in other areas, since he lacks clear guidance or a solution to the problem that's taking up most of his attention.

With clear communication, however, you can address the issue at hand, let employees know what is expected of them, and encourage them to take care of other tasks in the meantime. Since the issue is being handled, employees will, in general, feel more motivated to take care of other critical tasks.

4. Open communication can help you provide additional support for struggling employees. 

Everyone has bad days occasionally. With stress levels continuing to rise as a result of the pandemic, more workers than ever may be struggling to keep their minds on the task at hand, to complete their usual work responsibilities, or just to handle everything that's going on. However, good communication can help you identify those potential problems in your employees and address them, including providing additional support when needed. Does an employee need someone else to take over a critical project, or to provide extra help? Do you need to add workers to help address rising employee stress, especially in light of increased responsibilities? If you know about those problems, you can help address them and support your employees, which can provide them with the motivation they need to keep getting things done. 

5. Employees need to know that their input is valued.

It's hard to feel like a valued member of a team when your input is ignored--or when you don't have the opportunity to put it in in the first place. With open communication across your company, however, you can show employees that their input is valued. You can take their suggestions, utilize them, and explain why you aren't able to implement other solutions--all of which can ultimately make your employees feel like more connected, important members of the team.

Are you looking for a solution that can help you communicate better with your employees--and, in many cases, increase their overall motivation? Pronto is designed to help aid in company-wide communication. From chat and video conferencing to groups, To Do lists, and more, Pronto is expressly designed to improve your connection to your employees regardless of where they are. Contact us today for a free demonstration that will give you a better idea of how Pronto can benefit your business and your employees.

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