How Pronto Can Help You Sell Pest Control

Your pest control company has its daily workload and can feel overwhelming at times. With Pronto, you can manage and sell your pest control services better.

6 min read As a pest control company, you have many employees who spend more time in the field than they do in the office. In fact, some of your employees may barely seem to check-in at the office, since most of their job duties keep them out on the go, working directly in client homes. Most notably, to send out salespeople, you have to send them to the homes of potential customers who might have an interest in your pest control services. 

Pronto can help you reach your sales goals, improve the sense of connection your team has to one another, and improve your ability to deliver quality pest control services to the customers who choose your brand. 

Keep a Better, More Comprehensive Record of the Customers You’ve Visited.

Pest control problems are often a neighborhood concern, not just a concern for individual property owners. Pests tend to spread throughout the neighborhood, especially when homes are close–so if one home is struggling with ants, termites, or mice, chances are, others in the general area are, as well. 

As you visit potential customers who might have an interest in your pest control services, Pronto makes it easy to make notes of the critical information that’s shared with your salespeople. 

What are the problems that are most prevalent in a given neighborhood?

Once you know what problems are most common in a specific neighborhood, your salespeople can tailor their pitches to that specific information. Does one neighborhood have a big mouse problem, often due to its proximity to the woods? Are potential customers in another area struggling with the prevalence of mosquitoes in their yards this year? Your salespeople can make note of those issues and share them with everyone who needs that information directly in Pronto, then customize their future pitches to other customers in that area based on that information.

Which customers are interested in a demonstration?

As you sell pest control, you may try offering a free demonstration that will allow interested customers to see exactly what your services can accomplish. Some customers are interested in that demonstration before they decide their pest control needs. Others simply aren’t interested. With Pronto, you can quickly note which customers are interested in receiving a demonstration and even schedule it. If your salespeople take care of that demonstration on the spot, you can note which homes received the demo so you can follow up with them later. 

Which homes definitively aren’t interested?

Sometimes, customers want you to come back later. Other times, everyone in the neighborhood might not be home the first time you make the rounds, but you might be able to catch more of them later. As your salespeople move through the neighborhood, they can quickly note which homes definitely aren’t interested, which means you can avoid them in the future, preventing you from wasting your salespeople’s time on the clock and avoiding the negative impression that too many sales visits can leave with your potential clients. 

Bring your sales team together through meetings.

Pest control specialists, because of the nature of their jobs, usually spend more time in the field than they do in the office. Both your sales team and your actual pest control specialists can struggle with feeling disconnected from the office and the team as a whole.

Pronto can help you create a more collaborative, team-oriented atmosphere that improves the sense of connection your team members have with one another even when they rarely come together in person.

Increase motivation through regular meetings.

With regular meetings, you can bring your sales team together and allow them to interact with the rest of the office–and enhance their overall sense of connection and motivation. Sales can quickly grow frustrating, especially for team members who spend most of their time getting turned down. During your meetings, however, you have the opportunity to offer motivation to your team members, encouraging them to feel more positive about the challenges they might have faced along the way.

Allow your salespeople to feel more like part of a team.

Creating company culture virtually can be incredibly difficult. With Pronto, however, you can bring your pest control team together and make them feel like part of a greater comprehensive whole. Your meetings are a great way to accomplish that. With Pronto, your team can come together for virtual meetings from wherever they are–and they won’t have to miss out on sales time to accomplish it. 

Share information with your entire team easily.

Processes, routines, and details of your business operations change regularly. You might need to share information with your team about the latest promotions you’re offering, a rewards program for customers who can bring in others, or even just information about what pests have been most prevalent in the area lately and what your pest control services can do to alleviate them–not to mention what customers can do to help reduce the number of pests they may face in their homes.

Sending out those regular announcements can be challenging when most of your sales team members are out in the field, rather than coming into the office. You want to be sure everyone has seen the information so that they can share it with their potential customers. Pronto makes it easy.

Push out announcements to the entire team at once.

You can push out video announcements or written announcements–or some combination of both–to help your salespeople get a better idea of what the latest changes in your business and your area are. From what precautions customers need to take to avoid bugs over the winter to how to cut down on gnats in summer, there’s plenty of information you may want to share with your team–and Pronto makes it easy. 

Make it easier for your team to refer back to that information.

Your salespeople take in a lot of information every day and remembering all of it can prove challenging. With Pronto, however, your team members can keep all of that information in one place, where they can easily look back at it while conferring with potential clients. Do they need to know what the cost of a specific service is? You can keep all of that in a document in Pronto–and your salespeople will always know that they have the latest, most up-to-date pricing information. Do they need to look back at a specific announcement or piece of information? Pronto’s easy search feature makes it simple for every member of the team to refer back to the information they need. 

Discover whether team members have accessed specific information.

Not only does Pronto make announcements simple, but it also makes it easy for you to determine who has actually seen that information. You may need to know that your salespeople have checked out specific announcements or documents to ensure that they’re providing the latest information to your clients–and with Pronto, all it takes is a simple setting. If you have salespeople who routinely don’t access that information, you’ll know–and you can adjust your processes or your requirements accordingly. 

Keep all of your team members connected to the office.

In any sales job, including pest control, there are moments when your team members simply don’t have access to the information they need in the field. Sometimes, it’s a simple question that’s easy to answer: information about your latest promotion, for example. Other times, your salespeople may have more complicated questions that they need to have answered quickly. Suppose, for example, that a salesperson visits a home with a pest problem they’ve never seen before. Does your pest control company handle snakes? Since many states have laws that govern who can take care of capturing snakes on private property, your salespeople must give an honest answer to that question. Can you handle bed bugs? Termites? Many companies that handle basic pest control services may not take care of those specific types of pests, and you want to be sure all your salespeople know how to accurately and comprehensively answer those questions. 

Pronto keeps the entire team connected.

Your salespeople, out in the field, can’t just walk down the hall and get an answer to their questions, but they can connect to the office through a quick Pronto message. With Pronto, they can either choose the recipient or send out a general message that anyone in the office can answer, depending on the question and its complexity–and your office team can answer it as quickly as possible.

Get quick answers from pest control specialists.

Your salespeople may not be pest control specialists. With Pronto, however, they don’t have to be. They can connect back to the pest control specialists in the office with ease, allowing them to better answer client questions or deal with any possible client concerns. 

Do you need a better communication solution for your pest control company? Pronto can help. Contact us today for a free demonstration of our services or to learn more about how we can bring your pest control sales team together.

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