Tracking Usage in Messaging Apps

A successful organization needs effective communication channels such as messaging apps. It’s important to be able to track data usage in these apps to see communication breakdowns.

4 min read For an organization to be successful, it requires effective and seamless communication channels that inform the working environment. Tracking usage and reviewing communication data is also important for organizations and businesses. Tracking this data can help an organization uncover communication breakdown and the steps needed to fix or improve the flow of information across the whole workforce.

However, when companies employ communication messaging apps to use as their primary messaging option, some of the apps don’t allow data tracking or provide usage reports. This can be a major problem for companies intending to review and improve their communication standards. Here is the importance of tracking communication data and reasons why Pronto is the best available option for you. 

Steers Culture Development 

Tracking communication data is crucial to developing organizational culture. It is possible to drive business value from the collected data and provide insights based on the real flow of information across the whole organization. Usage reports can help to understand the communication culture of your organization and areas that require improvement. Your company can easily tell how often information is passed from one department to another and its effectiveness.

The data can also reveal departments that communicate often and how communication impacts the overall company performance. If some departments communicate less than others, communication managers can easily strategize ways of improving communication in the respective departments. It is therefore clear that lacking communication usage data can be detrimental for any organization or business. Pronto messaging app provides crucial communication data and usage reports that inform your culture development. 

Informs Business Value 

If your organization or business mismanages communication data, this can lead to missed business opportunities and undue expenses. Communication data can help to measure key quality attributes within your company, which include accuracy, validity, usability, and relevance to key business processes. The collected data can be evaluated to see whether the information passed to employees is usually accurate. In case some inefficiencies and inaccuracies are identified, the main source of such inaccuracies can easily be traced and rectified. This ensures that accurate information trickles down from the top managers to every employee or the intended recipients.

Pronto usually provides reliable messaging data, which can be used to check the validity of the information shared within the organization and evaluate its usability. This data informs the business value and helps to strengthen your company’s communication goals. Unlike email, Pronto conversations stay organized and are easier to access. Unlike consumer chat apps, Pronto can integrate and has enterprise-level security, privacy, and administrative controls. 

Tracking Usage Improves Employee Engagement 

It goes without saying that an effective messaging app should foster employee engagement within the organization. Informed communication data empowers your frontline employees in delivering the personal and end-to-end experience needed by your customers. Frontline workers are usually the most client-facing team of any company in many businesses, such as hospitals, retail, and restaurants, among others.

With usage reports from Pronto, you can easily identify whether there are low engagement rates with the frontline workers. With a low engagement rate, frontline workers can be the most disengaged workforce in your organization. This can eventually hurt the company a lot due to unsuccessful customer service. Thus, using messaging apps that don’t offer usage reports can be quite detrimental to your business objectives and growth prospects. 

Important for Overall Company Success 

Communication data and messaging app usage reports impact the overall company success. Collected actionable data can be analyzed to track engagement as well as implement strategies that strengthen the engagement even further. With efficient communication, every employee is committed to achieving the ultimate company objectives. This results in overall company success in the long run.

When communication breakdowns are identified early enough through the tracked data, an organization can avoid negative costs that could have probably resulted from such a breakdown. The collected data can also be used to empower non-desk workers with effective and efficient ways of receiving the information they require for higher performance and better customer service. This consequently results in overall company success. 

Informs Internal Marketing 

While companies spend time and money on external marketing strategies, communication data obtained from a messaging app can be used to inform internal marketing approaches. To deliver a personalized experience to customers, employees need to keep connected to the brand. This connection can result in passionate employees who are ready to sell your business brand. You can use the data obtained from Pronto to empower your employees and make them champions of the products or services offered by your company. Thus, communication data and usage reports from an effective communication hub like Pronto can result in overall company success through aligned messaging. 

 Now that you know the importance of tracking messaging data and accessing usage reports, let’s know how we can help you integrate Pronto into your company. Kindly request a demo to get started today.

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