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Where are Students Reachable? Being Mobile-First in Education

Students have changed their ways when it comes to interaction. They focus on a mobile-first approach that lets them stay connected while doing other things.

3 min read Today’s students have dramatically shifted the way they interact with the world around them. They have a mobile-first perspective that aims to keep them connected no matter where they are and what they’re doing–and they’re able to enjoy their lives while still taking in everything they need. Educators, therefore, must take more steps than ever to meet them where they are and ensure that they have the tools they need to remain connected. 

Pronto helps bring the student educational experience into this more connected world.

What Does the Mobile-First Movement Mean for Students?

For students, mobile-first means being connected more than ever. It also means that convenience and connectedness is paramount. Today’s students have busy, full lives, which may frequently take them away from campus. You may have students with family members, including children, that they need to take care of, full-time jobs, and a host of other responsibilities and expectations–and in order to maximize the student experience for them, it’s critical that instructors and institutions make it as easy as possible for students to achieve their goals. 

Lectures on the Go

Many students don’t have the ability to simply arrange to spend their days sitting in a classroom. They can, however, enjoy a variety of lectures and material while they’re engaging in other activities. Pre-recorded lectures, or live classroom options through a virtual classroom, can make it easy for students to take in a lecture no matter where they are: in the car, from home, or while engaging in other tasks. Lecture convenience also means that students who are ill or headed to an appointment don’t have to worry about missing out on vital classroom content. 

Messaging (Not Email)

Today’s students don’t use their email inboxes the same way previous generations of students did. First and foremost, email inboxes quickly become cluttered. Globally, an estimated 319 billion emails are sent each day. The average office worker receives about 121 emails–and that number may not reflect the number of emails that students deal with on a regular basis.

Inboxes are cluttered. They’re disorganized. Most often, the content that goes to them isn’t relevant to students the moment they receive them, whether they’re getting emails from their favorite businesses or reminders from the campus that they don’t have to think about quite yet. Not only that, many students may have multiple email addresses–and chances are, the campus email address is not their preferred one. 

Messaging, on the other hand, helps students get relevant notifications immediately, but respond when it’s convenient for them–a win/win that teachers and educators can take advantage of.

Homework, Quizzes, and More on Mobile

Part of the mobile-first experience is making assignments more accessible to students. Increasingly, educators are realizing that tests, quizzes, and more can be handled on mobile devices. Not only does it provide more convenience for students, who may be better able to get to a mobile device than a desktop, it may provide more benefit to educators, who may see more consistent, timely responses to assignments when they allow their students to complete them on a mobile device. 

Pronto Can Help

If you’re struggling with mobile-first students who seem to have constant access to their smartphones, but who may not even have easy access to a desktop device, Pronto can help. Pronto was designed with mobile in mind. While it’s also accessible from a desktop app–making it convenient for documents and materials that simply need to be typed out–it allows students to manage communication, store documents, and more, all directly from their mobile devices. 

Accessibility is Key

Pronto makes accessibility easy. From on-the-go classroom meetings and lectures to a convenient platform where students can easily discuss their daily assignments, group projects, or learning challenges, Pronto makes the virtual classroom more accessible to students. It also makes that content accessible to students when they need it, which means they can access it regardless of what their schedules will look like. 

Meet Students Where They Are

The idea of meeting students where they are has changed considerably even in just the past two years. Now, meeting students where they are means mobile-first convenience and adaptability. Many students are no longer in the classroom in person. Even those who are may need more flexibility and convenience. Pronto makes it possible. 

Learn More About Pronto

Is Pronto the communication solution you’re looking for–the one that will enable you to meet your students where they are and provide the convenience and accessibility they need? Contact us today to learn more about our convenient communication solution.

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