Your All-in-One Tool for Communication: Pronto

Companies often buy too many communication tools that end up being a burden on their finances. There is another option. Pronto is the all-in-one tool for your communication needs.

3 min read All too many companies end up paying too much for a multitude of disconnected communication products. Not only do those tools often leave them struggling to figure out what documents and messages are where and how they can best communicate with various team members, but they may also have a substantially higher cost than necessary once they’re all added together. With Pronto, on the other hand, you’ll get an all-in-one solution designed for modern businesses. 

Pronto offers all the tools that you need to communicate effectively with team members within the office, from the members of your direct team to the larger team across the business–and it does it in the same easy-to-use platform that you can use for meetings, announcements, and more. 

Make Use of Popular Business Messaging App Features

With more employees working remotely than ever before, communicating with coworkers isn’t as simple as walking down the aisle or hallway. Messaging apps have become increasingly common and even important platforms for workers who want to communicate with one another. They allow for free, easy communication between coworkers, including separate chat options for different teams

Pronto’s real-time chat option is a great way to replace many of those messaging apps, especially the ones that might not offer the connection and support your students need. You can ditch traditional email, get rid of paper messages, and communicate in real-time in one easy-to-access location that’s suitable for use on a mobile or desktop device.

Make Effective Video Calls

Video calls have grown immensely in popularity. They allow people to connect face-to-face even from a distance, bringing a global workforce together without forcing anyone to travel–and helping to maintain safety and distance when necessary. With a video call, you can look at participants’ faces and reactions to help gauge engagement or provide employees with the option to turn the video off when they’re in a setting that they don’t necessarily want to share with everyone. Pronto’s video call feature will bring up to 20 participants together during an active video meeting or allow as many as 400 participants to observe the meeting. You can also use Pronto’s efficient video call recording option to keep a record of that session, which you can then send to someone who missed it in the first place or share with others when the need arises. 

Keep Everyone in the Loop

Top-down announcements make it easy to send out one-way communications to the entire organization, all at the same time. You can make sure that everyone stays on the same page with the latest protocols, safety requirements, deadlines, and goals, all while utilizing an effective communication system that will keep those announcements and communications in one easy-to-access location. When they need to refer back to that information later, employees won’t have to worry about where they heard it or what platform they need to check to find that information. Instead, they can simply turn to their all-in-one platform for access to the details they need. This virtual announcement system also helps ensure that employees see that information on time–unlike physical newsletters, which employees might disregard or fail to notice.

 Maintain Accountability

All too often, employees will try to get out of trouble by insisting that they did not receive a particular communication. “Oh, well, I didn’t see that.” “I didn’t know about that!” Those messages can quickly grow frustrating, especially when you know that you send out those communications and that they should have been received. With Pronto, you’ll lose the ability to blame that lack of awareness on a tech glitch–and you’ll be able to keep employees accountable by seeing whether they received and read the announcements or communications you sent out. Furthermore, read receipts make it easy to determine when employees checked in and went over that specific information, which can help you keep an eye on overall employee accountability, productivity, and availability.

It’s time to make a communication change in your organization. Whether you need a more effective communication tool that employees can carry in the palm of their hands, keeping them connected no matter where they are and what they’re doing, or you’re looking for a streamlined, all-in-one communication solution that will pull all your communication tools into one easy app and make it easier for employees to access vital information, Pronto is the solution to your internal communication needs. Contact us today for a demonstration of our platform or to learn more about the features that can help make your business communication easier.

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