Why Pronto?

Choosing a good communication solution is important. Pronto is an all-in-one-communication solution that’s easy to use for your business or institution.

3 min read Choosing a communication solution for your business or institution is an important process. You want to be sure that you’ve chosen a solution that will meet all the needs of your employees, or the needs of students and teachers alike, all while making it as easy as possible to open the lines of communication and maintain them when needed. Pronto is an all-in-one communication hub created with the needs of the everyday user in mind. It’s simple, intuitive, and easy to use, making it a powerful tool that is accessible to most of your users. It helps connect people via both chat and video so that they can learn faster, work smarter, and communicate seamlessly. 

Pronto Helps Build Community

Pronto is designed to break down barriers to communication and make it easier for users to accomplish their goals, no matter what those goals might be. Users have easy access to one another and their higher-ups, whether that means managers in a company or the professor in a classroom. It helps draw people together and provides them with communication options that will help connect them with people they might not otherwise get to develop a relationship with. With more people than ever working or going to school online, many people don’t have the opportunity to connect in person. Pronto opens the door to digital communication and helps make it easy for people to continue to connect. 

Engaging Users

Pronto is designed to help engage users. It helps take the standard chat feature to the next level, making it easier for people to communicate and erasing the barriers between them while allowing video chat and meeting options that are often much more engaging than standard text alone. Video chat helps create a sense of connection and engagement that isn’t always present on virtual platforms.

Furthermore, Pronto keeps everything in one place, where users can easily access everything they need to know about their projects or classes without having to change platforms. As a result, not only will users have an easier time finding the information they need, they will face fewer distractions as they go about their usual workdays.

Improve Efficiency

Efficiency is critical, whether you’re helping employees make the most of their work time or making it easier for students to access the vital information they need for their classes and assignments. Since all the information is in one place, students and employees can easily check in on it and find the data they need–and if they have questions, they can ask them quickly and effectively from the same platform.

Many people worry that the shift to remote work, whether in school or at the office, will lead to a drop in efficiency. With an effective communication tool like Pronto, however, you can improve overall communication and connection, which can help increase efficiency and even help students or employees work more effectively than ever. 

One Software for Chat and Video Calls

In many places, people–whether employees or students–have to use more than one platform to account for their chat and video needs. They might be chatting on one platform, only to have to transfer to another entirely when they’re ready to start a meeting or hold a video call between two colleagues. With Pronto, on the other hand, everything is in one easy-to-use location, which means that chat and video conference features are equally accessible to all users. Often, this can help streamline communications for your organization and make it easier for everyone to get access to the people, tools, and information they need. It can also help cut costs since you don’t have to worry about having multiple types of software to accomplish your communication goals.

Pronto also offers a recording option for video calls and meetings, which can help make it easier to play them back for other users or future reference. Students can use the recording feature to record their classes and revisit them at need, or to refer back for more information, while employees can use them as a highly effective record of their past meetings and connections. 

Pronto is the simple, all-in-one technology solution to the dynamic workforce where users are at home/office, on the go, or in the field. , as well as students and teachers at educational institutions. It is a highly effective, convenient platform that streamlines your communication efforts and makes it easier to connect with everyone on your team, whether in the classroom or the office.

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