Leveraging Internal Communication to Increase Your Sales

Companies with complex processes have trouble in managing their sales. With Pronto, internal communication is a priority to increase a company’s sales.

3 min read Many companies, especially those that rely on door-to-door sales, have complex systems that incorporate complicated software choices and difficult stages to enable communication. The problem with these systems is clear: without clear internal communication, it can be much harder to manage your sales. When you figure out communication through Pronto, on the other hand, you can often increase your overall sales, enhance customer satisfaction, and grow your business. 

Instantaneous communication allows for instant answers to customers’ questions.

Customers need the answers to serious, important questions before they can make decisions about your business, whether they’re choosing a pest control company or selecting someone to handle their roofing needs. Unfortunately, all too often, your salespeople don’t have the answers to all those questions at their fingertips–especially if customers have questions about specific aspects of your service. With internal communication through Pronto, your salespeople can easily ask those questions of the people who are most likely to have the answers–and they can get the answers back quickly. They can also access a wide range of people with the press of a button, which increases the likelihood that someone will be available to quickly answer those key customer queries. 

Better internal communication between staff members can make it easier to keep up with the places other salespeople have already covered.

Your salespeople cover a lot of ground over a day. Sometimes, it can be difficult to keep up with where they have been on their own, much less where the other members of the team may have gone as they headed out on their own routes. With Pronto, on the other hand, team members can easily track where they have been, discuss what neighborhoods they have already covered, and get a better idea of what route they need to take to maximize the effectiveness of their days.

Clear internal communication between salespeople can help keep up with customers who want more information or want you to come back later.

“Come back when my husband is home. He’s the one who makes those decisions.”

“I’m sorry, I’ll have to check with my wife first.” 

“Hey, can you come back in a couple of days? I need to take a look at my budget and see if that fits first.”

There are a lot of reasons why customers might not want to make a buying decision immediately, on your first visit. Unfortunately, with poor internal communication between salespeople, it can be difficult to get someone back to those houses where customers might actually make a decision, but couldn’t do so when you arrived–especially at the time that is most convenient for them. It may also prove difficult to get salespeople back to the homes where people weren’t at homes when the initial rounds were made without an effective communication app. 

Open lines of communication can increase motivation for your salespeople.

Door-to-door sales is a difficult line of work many days. Customers don’t always want to deal with salespeople arriving at their doors. They may treat those salespeople to the sharp side of their tempers, especially if they have no use for the products you’re offering. With chat groups, however, you can provide the motivation your salespeople need to overcome those barriers and get out there and keep selling, even on the hard days. Your group chats are a great place to share stories, offer encouragement, and increase motivation–and keep your sales going up.

Use Pronto to keep your employees accountable.

With Pronto, you can keep track of where your salespeople are and make sure that they’re completing their assignments each day. Salespeople can check in more regularly, which may provide you with a better idea of where they’re going in real-time–which means you can offer better suggestions for improvement or coaching on the spot. 

Provide better training for salespeople across the organization. 

Training is critical for your salespeople–and it doesn’t end when you send them out for the first time. With effective training, including regular updates on the products you offer, your sales and promotions, and any changes in policy or procedures, you can better prepare your salespeople to present your products and adapt to all those changes. As a result, they’ll be more confident–and you’ll have more satisfied customers.

Are you looking for ways to boost sales across your organization? Better communication could make it easier than you think. With Pronto, you can keep in touch with your salespeople and offer them the insights they need to excel. Contact us today for a free demonstration.

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