Retain Employees with Open Internal Communication

Open internal communication in an organization is vital for retaining employees. Learn more on how this can benefit your organization.

4 min read Effective internal communication is important for every organization that is focused on retaining employees. Creating an environment that encourages open dialogue within the workplace helps your organization to attract and retain top-tier talents in your company. The managers, executives, as well as employees, should be able to get their information across without feeling restricted to do so. This prevents frustration on the part of workers across all levels of the company. 

When you discuss job duties, explain HR policies, and outline a benefits package, there needs to be a clear line and open communication with your employees. Kindly read on to understand how open internal communication can help to improve employee retention.

Open Internal Communication Provides Key Information 

Open internal communication usually allows you to empower your employees to absorb and actualize the key message you’re communicating. This can be done via a combination of important information and creative insights. The main objective here is to educate and update your employees on important projects and developments that the company is embarking on. With open internal communication, every team member will feel that they are important assets to the growth, profitability, as well as overall success of each undertaking. 

Your organization should also focus on creating efficient communication channels where employees can easily express themselves. There are team members who are mostly outside the company premises and they also need to feel part of the discussion. To ensure that every employee takes part in internal communication, your organization needs to invest in video conferencing applications. A video conferencing platform will allow all employees to take part in key discussions and air their views. Pronto is an effective and efficient communication hub that connects your whole organization via chat and video. The application creates a platform where employees can learn faster, work smarter, and communicate seamlessly.

Helps Gain Employee’s Insights

Open internal communication helps your organization to gain insights regarding the employee’s feelings towards the whole organization, customers, and colleagues. Consistent two-way communication is critical for both employees and their employer to discuss various subject matters related to them. You need to develop an effective and sensitive communication plan that goes a long way in increasing the motivation of the employees. 

Such a platform should also encourage employees to openly talk about the problems they are encountering in your company or the field. Doing this will make employees feel part of the organization and not a separate entity. When there are some organizational changes, ensure you inform your employees. This will make your team members feel that you value them enough to share critical information. With open internal communication, employee retention becomes a culture for the company.

Allow Employees to Connect Via Peer-to-Peer Platforms 

Your employees need collaboration to stay at your company. If they feel isolated, they will feel triggered to leave the organization once a better opportunity comes up. Creating a peer-to-peer platform where employees can share their experiences and offer each other advice, makes them feel a sense of collaboration. For this aspect, you need to provide them with the necessary tools to connect easily with each other. 

Pronto is the right solution because it will allow your team members to casually chat or video call to share crucial information. This application offers them a platform to connect like they would in a meeting room. It’s a perfect opportunity to help your employees connect with each other, making them feel more connected to their respective work environments.

Onboarding and Employee Value Proposition 

Getting employees to onboard quickly into your organization through effective internal communication is the initial step to ensuring they stick around. No employee wants to feel lost when they report to work. Even in their first week at work, they are interested in knowing what is exactly expected of them. Video conference onboarding sessions are a great way to ensure that this is accomplished. Through videos, you can promote your company’s language, objectives, and mission and vision statements. 

On the other hand, Employee Value Proposition (EVP) forms a large extent of internal communication and employee retention. EVP clearly states the expectations that your organization has of the employees. Highly qualified employees will utilize the information provided through EVP to give your company exactly what it needs. The Human Resources department needs to draft a clear and engaging EVP document.

Increases Employee Efficiency 

One of the crucial contributions of open internal communication is to ensure that employees have the required information to complete their tasks. When employees spend long hours looking for missing information, they feel frustrated and usually lose morale. This can also result in missed deadlines and targets. These frustrations and missed deadlines can easily push people from your company. However, with Pronto, you can increase employee efficiency by providing a platform for internal communication across the whole organization. 

Internal communication creates an inclusive environment where everyone feels valued. With an effective and seamless communication hub like Pronto, you can easily increase employee retention in your organization. Kindly request a demo today to get started.

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