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Investing in sales training for your team is important. Learn how training your teams through video conferencing can be advantageous.

4 min read In a rapidly changing business world, you need to invest in sales training to improve your team’s knowledge, productivity, and overall sales skills. The key objective of sales training is usually to increase the number of sales in the longer term and ensure that your team is well motivated. 

Video conferencing is one of the most effective methods of carrying out sales training due to its ability to reach everyone despite their location. Sales organizations are continually adopting this method after realizing the positive impact it can have on improving sales force productivity. Kindly read on to understand how doing training over video conferencing can be advantageous to your sales teams.

Video Conferencing is On-Demand 

Most sales organizations have their sales teams spread out all over the world and it’s quite difficult to update every team member at the same time. In this case, you can’t use the traditional methods of sending out an email to everyone and hope they read it at the same time. Doing this can be very detrimental to your organization and prove ineffective. However, conducting video conference training will ensure that every team member has access to important information at the same time. No matter their respective locations, everyone can turn up for a video conference and contribute to the discussion. 

Another important factor is to ensure that you have a reliable video conferencing app for your sales team. Pronto is a communication hub created for the everyday user and it can prove highly beneficial to your sales team. The application connects people in different places via chat and video, so your sales team can learn faster, work smarter, and communicate seamlessly. The app has a user-friendly interface, which allows your team members to join live video conferences without any problems.

Provides Product Information at the Point of Need 

Efficient and effective delivery of just-in-time product information to your sales teams is a critical aspect of your business goals. This information goes a long way in enhancing their performance after video conference training. When they reach out during their door-to-door sales activities, they provide accurate information about your products or services. An organization can use mobile-compatible messaging and video calling applications like Pronto to provide the required information about their products at the point of need. Using video conferencing applications is very effective due to the ease of access on smartphones and tablets for your sales teams.

Offers Peer-to-Peer Learning 

Using video conferencing creates a platform for your salespeople to learn from their peers. While you might have a specific trainer carrying out the process, the onboard peers will also have an opportunity to share with others about the experience and helpful advice. As they carry out their day-to-day sales activities, they are gaining first-hand information about what customers love or dislike about your products. Sharing this information can help other team members to identify a few things that they need to give more time and focus on. 

Also, salespeople will understand aspects to avoid when explaining or selling your products to potential customers. This information can also go a long way in informing how future products are developed and what to improve on. Thus, video conference training is effective in helping your sales team to learn from each other.

Improve Onboarding 

Video training improves onboarding and gives it an added layer of assessment. Using video conferences, you can set up onboarding to give sales reps a given amount of time to prepare for distinct tasks. After the training, they can then earn certification before beginning to prospect sales-related activities. You should allow the sales team to familiarize themselves with video conferences within a low-pressure setting and make them feel comfortable. 

Video training is incredibly versatile and therefore ideal for conveying your corporate personality during onboarding. You can present your company’s culture, vision, and mission to the trainees. In case the trainees require facility tours, this can easily be done through a video and also provide a complete overview of the whole organization. Using Pronto for onboarding will give you an opportunity of having your entire organization on one communication platform. The communication hub usually covers the whole organization from top to bottom, from the executive suite to the frontline sales team, and also allows you to receive critical information from the door-to-door sales task force.

Good for Sales Pointers 

Video training creates a platform full of helpful sales pointers that are based on specific products or essential customer needs. For instance, a trainer can demonstrate how salespeople can pitch add-ons to a customer who may be reluctant to increase their spending budget. This will help the sales task force to absorb the skills and information quickly. The sales pointers will help team members to seal deals and avoid missing out on golden opportunities. Experienced team members should also share their insights and add to the relevant sales pointers.  

Still, wondering how to use video conferencing to boost your sales and improve sales team engagement? Kindly request a demo today and get started.

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